Bacolod City, Philippines, is known as the City of Smiles.  At NLIT, we bring our smiles to the office and deliver superior customer service and outbound telemarketing campaigns.  We assist small and medium sized companies by delivering unbeatable call center services at a low cost.  Our Philippines call centers specialize in telemarketing, customer service, and data entry, as well as non traditional call center services such as web development and transcription.

The Philippines is emerging as a powerhouse in voice related services, and Bacolod is gaining global recognition as a hub for the world’s top telemarketing and customer service companies.  Outsourcing telemarketing to the Philippines is a burgeoning and popular method to improve customer relationships and generate new business.

While Philippines call centers have shown the ability to attract voice-based telemarketing companies, it is also gaining market share in terms of non-voice services such as data entry, security monitoring, list scrubbing, and medical transcription, as well as judgment-intensive services such as research, analytics, and legal services, and other high-value applications like animation, software, and game development.  Bacolod is home to many of the country’s leading BPO firms.

Companies around the world are investing in Bacolod City. Leading the way are Business Process Outsourcing companies.  Next Level IT Services partners with Hit Rate Solutions to extend BPO services across the globe..


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Location: Villa Angela East Block, Barangay Villamonte, Bacolod, 6100

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