What is HIPAA?

HIPPA stands for Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act. This is designed to protect the privacy of the people information including the health data to avoid fraud and abuse with in the health care system. HIPPA privacy rule regulates the use and disclosure of certain information to other people unless otherwise verify.

What is repetitive voice injury (call centre-its)?

Working in a call center required long hour of talking and talking (if you’re in a voice account) and sometimes push their voice to the limit. Long hour of talking and less time of drinking water is the main cause of the repetitive voice injury or call center-its. Most of the call center people are prone to this disease. Going to a speech therapy would be recommended if you suffer to this loss of voice.

What is the Service Level Objective?

Service level is one of the top priorities of the call center industry. Hitting the desired service level set by the client is one reason why the business stays in fit. The objective is to hit the target so that abandonment will be lessened.  Also, its not how high your objectives are, but how you consistently hit the goal.

What is Procurement BPO?

Procurement is the business management function that ensures recognition, sourcing, and right of entry and management of external capital that an organization needs or may need to fulfill its deliberate objectives. Procurement BPO is the transfer of all procurement activities. This transfer may lead to more profit and progress to the business.

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