Process Outsourcing is the way in which it helps to increase a company’s flexibility. It enhances the flexibility of an organization in different ways. Outsourcing may provide a firm with increased flexibility in its resource management and may reduce response times to major environmental changes. Outsourcing services may provide a firm with increased flexibility in its resource management.  A company may be able to grow at a faster pace as it will be less constrained by large capital expenditures for people or equipment that may take years to amortize,  or match for the company over time.  It is categorized into back office –BPO, which includes customer related services.

From a knowledge perspective it can change the employee’s attitude underestimation of running cost, and maximizing positive outcome. The main motive for process outsourcing is to allow the company to invest more time, money, and human resources. Managers in fact don’t need to justify work done internally that could be easily outsourced. The outsourcing of manufacturing typically involves high value of work carried out by highly skilled staff.


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