The call center industry in the Philippines is composed of predominately by customer support, telemarketing, and data entry. Though customer care contact centers form the largest part of the call center surge, the Philippines’ English competent information technology, and customer service professionals are substantial contributing features. The proficiency of Filipinos in English is a significant factor in the development of Filipino call center growth.

In the Philippines, the call center workforce is young, typically well educated, and dominantly female.  Generally, most Westerners consider Filipinos to be friendly and understanding.


It can be pricey to have an internal telemarketing team in your business.  To do so, you will need to install a many telephones and build the phone lines, as well as employ systems that call centers use to place calls and records more successfully.  You will also most likely need to broaden your workplace space and hire personnel who will need training.  Take into account these fees when determining whether or not to outsource.

Our call center meets Philippines Economic Zone Authority requirements.

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