When it comes to customer support outsourcing, best practices include exercises, techniques, or approaches that are known for producing top of the line outcomes. When it comes to what constitutes best practices, you’re going to find a wide array of opinions. These are what we feel are the best practices in customer support outsourcing …

Build Trust and Confidence

The main key to building trust and confidence would be transparency. In regards to issues like taxes, additional costs, and shipping, having total transparency with your customers is vital. It goes without saying that customers do not like to be blind-sided by those things. Don’t you agree?

On a side note, you also need to be aware of timing issues. The more transparent you are to stuff like those delivery times, the more happier those customers are going to be, and you know, that means they’ll be more likely to stay by your side.

Keep it Simple

Yes, you definitely need to keep things simple. By this, we mean you should be sticking to the basics, and not deviating. This means making sure phone support, email and IM (the basic forms of communication) are readily available for your customers. These days, it is paramount that you have a customer service numbers customers can call and talk to real people.

Maximize Your Social Media Use

Social media is valuable to businesses, and you probably already know this. Social media is also something that shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of customer engagement. Over the last couple of years, social media has rapidly moved into being in almost every marketing and sales strategy, and we recommend making sure it is also a part of yours.

During a crisis, social media is even more critical. When you have a good social media strategy when things go off the deep in, it will help customers let their steam out. How you go about responding to those comments, and how fast you respond to them is very important. This is something that can either make or break your brand. Social media is the one thing that will give you the opportunity to address problems when they hit those airwaves.


Customer service doesn’t involve rocket science, or even a degree, it’s really all about common sense if you think about it. What’s some things that keep customers happy? Quality and speed, right? Also, keeping things simple and to the point will keep your customers happy. The best practices like we just described in the paragraphs above will work for you, regardless of the niche or type of business you are in, it doesn’t matter if you’re in non-retail or retail – they will enhance customer engagement and drive brand adoption. They will also help keep your customers from going off the deep end when things get out of hand.