An example of the reasons men and women throw in the towel on lead generation is because they are drowning in by the nitty gritty of managing the exhausting task. Some enterprising individuals often do nearly every individual thing including web marketing, telemarketing, and appointments setting all alone.

First, you will want to set desired goals for your lead gen campaign before you scale. You really need to fully understand just how much time, effort, and cash flow is going towards your efforts.  You should really estimate the financial resources you allocate to generate leads, and what the opportunity cost of doing so is to your firm.  You can then determine the maximum amount of money you can bear to fork out to the call center, and still see financial gains.

If you haven’t already, do it yourself before outsourcing.  Make some cold calls.  Set some appointments.  Get a true idea of what it takes and what works.  This will make it a lot easier when you transfer these activities to a call center, and give you a better and more realistic idea of what to expect.

Communicate clearly.  While Filipino employees generally have a formidable understanding of English, there may be cultural differences between the Philippines and Western countries.  Be specific and don’t miss any details that might be necessary for your agent to be successful, and understand exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Get to know your agent.  Most call centers in the Philippines are used to working US hours, so your assistant should be available during regular business hours.  Check in via email to get updates on how they are progressing.  Offer any tips, advice, or suggestions you may have to make their work more effective.

By being an active participant in the process of outsourcing to Philippines call centers, you can ensure that your project meets your standards, and that there are no surprises..